Interstate '82 is a Battlefield 1942 Modification based on the original game for PC. The mod was released back in August 2003 and transforms BF1942 into a semi-modern day auto combat game. Pick your classic car and race around weapon mounted cars, this isn't your every day demolition derby!
There are two teams or player models to choose from, the Kingpins and the Vigilantes each with weapons and vehicles that will make you forget that this has any connection to the original WW2 shooter.

Remember this..?

The BF1982.COM domain has had a rough time over the years falling prey to spam & hacks with several active forums sadly gone now. However, there is still a devoted following to the mod over at IS82.COM where you will find game servers, many custom maps and an active forum dedicated to all things interstate. The forum link above will take you over to their site.



The Dev Team

L etranger : Leader - 3d Modeler - Coder - Skinner - Lead Mapper - Founder

DarkRedemptor : Modeler - Coder - Co-Founder

DavidB : 3d Modeler - Network Adminstrator - Co-founder - Support

Michael S. Siebert : Music - Sound - 3d Modeler - Co-Leader

FlaMIN : Lead Mapper

Butch : 3d Modeler - Skinner

Demize : Mapper

Jimbo : 3d Modeler - Skinner

Neog : 3d Modeler - Skinner

Knight : Webmaster

Cam : Coder - 3d Modeler

HrdCorHillbilly : Tester - Texture Artist - Support

TheFlyingCorpse : Lead Tester - Web Support - 3d modeler



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Interstate 2004 is no more..

Total Illusions is no more..

Project Cyclops RPV - UAV is no more..

Battlefield 1942 Files

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